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“We don’t design brands, we design experiences for the people interacting with brands.

Complete your Brand Strategy.

Brand Strategy should always be the first step in your branding process. Your Brand Identity should be a tool you have in your repository, used to help execute your predetermined brand strategy. Your strategy should outline exactly what it is your organisation is trying to accomplish and the process you would use to achieve those goals. Your brand identity and content strategy sets up a platform to communicate with your audience.

Visual Communication Toolkit.

We use the research conducted in your strategy phase and create a comprehensive visual language that should be used across all channels- from your packaging to your website and social posts. 

The assets required will differ for each brand, but a basic toolkit includes the following:


Logo Design






Data visualization


Design Systems




Design Systems


Video & Motion


Color Palette




Interactive elements


Web design

Powerful Visual Identity.

Your branding needs to work for all who interact with it- your teams and the people who will use it. To make sure it is in line with your goals we as ourselves the following questions.

Is it distinctive?

Does it stand out among competitors and catch your people’s attention.

Is it Memorable?

Does it stand out among the crowd? Is it impactful?

Is it flexible?

Times change, so will your brand. Can it evolve easily? Will it be able to scale along with your business?

Is it harmonious?

Does each element compliment each other and is it respectful of the brand’s values and goals?

Is it intuitive?

Can other designers understand and work with the brand? Can people easily understand the brand messaging?

Is it usable?

Can people easily interact with the brand? Are solutions easily available?

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